Day 72: Trial and Error

This has been a hard week. I’ve been in so much pain. My back, hip, knees, ankles, and shins have all been achy or burning. It has to be due to some combination of injuring myself working out, eating meat and eggs again, an uncomfortable work chair, a couple of stressful days, including pepper, garlic, and curry to my meals, and being inconsistent with my protocol. I’m growing suspicious of my protocol, particularly the thyroid and hormone support ones. I’m pretty convinced it is causing me to gain weight. And while I do believe the supplements are helping, I keep wondering what happens when I’m done working with my naturopath? Am I supposed to be on these supplements long-term? I’ll get some feedback on how much they’re helping since I got my second round of bloodwork after three months and have an appointment next week.

I’m also wondering about returning to fish and eggs. While I feel stronger, I’m experiencing much more pain now. I’m going to back off both for the next few days to see if some of my pain subsides. It’ll also help that I won’t be sitting at my desk for the next two days. Overall, I’m really cranky and annoyed. I noticed this time just how much my mind, motivation, habits, focus, and every other aspect of me get thrown off when my body hurts. It just reinforces how important it will be for me to get and stay well—void of pain—if I’m going to experience the quality of life I want. And if I’m going to start my own business, I definitely have to be in the right mind-body-spirit space to be successful and to serve others well.

I’m also noticing the gaps in my commitment, and I’m going to close those gaps. I can’t have periods where I just go off script and do what I want because of the emotional or mental space I’m in. I also have to be willing to make adjustments as quickly as I need to despite what I previously thought. This week was frustrating, but it’s been a learning experience, and a good reminder that the journey is ongoing and so too will need to be my focus, discipline, and commitment.