Day 77: Forge Ahead

I didn’t know it, but today was the last visit of my treatment plan with the naturopath I’ve been seeing. Actually, he’s a functional medicine doctor, which is different. Nevertheless, I didn’t know my treatment plan had ended until I was in his office and was presented with a consultation for a new treatment plan. That meant spending several thousand more dollars. I was not prepared to do that again, mostly because I feel like I got what I needed from working with him for the last four months. I got the results from my second round of bloodwork. It showed that the inflammation in my body has decreased, and my immune system has gotten stronger. My body is no longer attacking itself. My infections have cleared up except for one, but I’m going to do three more rounds of my doctor’s protocol and see in about six weeks for a single visit to ensure that the infections are gone. I still have other issues to be resolved, and I definitely need to maintain the improvements that I have made.

What was especially exciting was how much more confident I felt asking questions. I even understood more of what my doctor was explaining to me from my lab results. After studying one chapter in my coaching program, I felt equipped to ask intelligent questions and recognized that there are things that I could do to manage my health without his support. I even got courageous and challenged him on a few things he tried to tell me about my treatment. I honestly don’t think he planned to reevaluate me for my infections after putting me on a second round of protocols. I had to ask for it. I made sure that I got everything out of my last visit, and I’m proud of myself for doing so.

So today marks the next phase of my wellness. I’m going to have to take more ownership and control. That means that as I learn in my coaching program, I’m going to apply it to my life. Through this process, I’ve realized that there are certain labs I can order for myself to check my progress. I started out with the intent to heal myself, and that journey continues with me in the driver’s seat. I’m excited about what’s to come.