About Growing Upstream

Hi, I’m Krystal, and this is Growing Upstream. It’s my a DocuBlog. One part documentary. One part Blog. It is the intersection between my personal growth and development and the people, books, events, topics, tools, products, and services that assist the process.

Growing Upstream is a play on the phrase “swimming upstream” which is about going against the current. Except in my case, it’s about flowing with my own current, which by default might require me to go opposite of the status quo or the way of others.

But that’s not for the sake of being a contrarian or due to efforts to be different, but to swim, or in my case grow in a way that’s wholly unique to me—toward the beginning. Toward Self—the mighty cofactor of the All. The Universe. God. The Creator. The Source. And so on. So in this respect, I am an Upstremist.

On the way, I want to share the wisdom and brilliance of great people, transformative events, relevant topics, useful tools, and timely products and services that aid in my growth along the journey.