Life & Times

Lauryn Hill, my favorite artist of all time said something years ago that I found to be true. When talking about why when recording her second studio album it lacked substance she said, “there was no substance because there was no experience. The reason Miseducation was the album that it was, was because of a myriad of experiences that took place before the production part. Before the creation. So what I realized is I can’t create and not live.” In the same way, I realized I can’t grow and not live. With all the reading, absorbing personal development material, practicing spiritual disciplines, being a creative, trying to grow into a successful entrepreneur, I have to also live for the sake of application and learning or else all these things can quickly become ritual. And in the case of being an entrepreneur, my work lacking the substance. No experience (living) no substance. No substance no growth. And if nothing else I really just need to laugh and enjoy the journey.