Day 76: Dreams & Transformation

Imagining this life and career of health and wellness feels so much like home. Learning has been a joy. I have to remember to remain patient and not take any shortcuts. I’ve developed a study system, and I’m slowly integrating it into my day. I’m adding to my sacred calendar. I say sacred only because of how successful I’ve been using it to maintain consistency. I’m so eager to learn that I couldn’t help but purchase a membership to a service called Herbmentor. It’s an online community and learning platform designed to teach members everything about herbs. I signed up for personal reasons, but I see ways that it can be applied in my business. One of the courses is all about learning to infuse herbs into cooking for healing and overall wellness. There’s another course that teaches how to make herbal infusions. I viewed the infusions as yet another thing I could add to my diet and daily protocol for healing and wellness. The service offers a litany of resources. Some people have become herbalists through all of the education it offers. So while I study to become a health and wellness coach, I’ll be learning how to incorporate herbs into my meals and how to make infusions for myself.

I also purchased a stretching and flexibility coaching certification. I bought it for two reasons. Stretching has proved to be immensely helpful for my body pain, and I want to learn how to do it correctly to be more effective. I also purchased it because stretching is one of the basic pillars I’ve identified as starting points for improving your health quickly. I plan to make it a part of the system I develop for clients and one of the subjects of the book I plan to write in the next two years. It was relatively inexpensive, and I know I can go in and learn at my pace, and since I’m stretching more consistently, I will be able to apply what I learn to myself.

I’m in full-on student mode. I’m in transformation mode, and I’m being courageous. In fact, I may get a tattoo that says courageous. I may get it on my wrist. At this moment, it’s so obvious how energized I get from learning. I know that feeling is even more intense because it’s leading to my transformation. I’d like to get a little reading in before bed, so until tomorrow.

All thanks and praises to The All.