Day 69: Stress and Pain, Pain and Stress

I didn’t write this morning. I’m writing at 9:56 pm, and I’m aggravated because my body has been pretty sore today. I definitely have to figure out the ergonomics of my workspace, the chair particularly, but I really allowed myself to get too stressed at work the last couple of days. I realize that I haven’t been utilizing my breathing techniques. I haven’t been moving every hour like I should. And I haven’t tapped after work when I know it will help on days like this. In some ways, I’m getting a little off course and once again my body is letting me know about it. This is such a winding road. It really is about discipline and experimentation to find the right mix and the right balance. I didn’t feel like writing at all tonight, and this isn’t much, but it’s all I can do right now when I keep getting sharp pains in my back. Tomorrow is another today to tighten the screws a bit and bring down the stress, and use the tools I know that help me manage myself well.