Day 67: Patient Season

I suppose the creator of my health and wellness coaching program knew that people like me would try to power through the content much faster than intended because I just tried to start week five (I started the program four days ago), and it’s locked until three days from now. It appears that it won’t allow students to get more than four weeks ahead. I respect it. I had planned to slow down once I got to the more complex topics, but it reminded me that there’s value in taking my time. I know that for me to finish this program with a solid understanding of health, food, psychology, and more, I’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time with the material to internalize it, integrate it, and practice it. It’s better to finish with increased knowledge than with a certificate saying I completed the program. After all, I plan to sit for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching exam when I’m done, so I have to know this material very well.

Nevertheless, I have plenty of other subjects of interest I can indulge in during the next three days. I’m so excited because I can now see how everything I’ve had an interest in is now coalescing into coaching. As a coach, not only can I coach, but I can incorporate EFT into my practice as a practitioner. I can certify as a functional diagnostic nutrition coach so that I can add more value to clients by being able to both order and interpret labs, write, teach, speak, podcast, and so much more. The possibilities really are endless.