Day 66: Blossoming

Lately, I’ve had so many new ideas. It’s a little overwhelming because I can tend to get over-anxious and lose focus, but at the same time, I’m thankful that I’m getting such amazing ideas. At this point, I just make a note of them so I can return to them later. More than anything, I think it’s a sign that I’m open again because I actually feel capable of actualizing the ideas. I even have a roadmap for turning my ideas into a reality, and I’m currently on the path toward doing so. It’s realistic, and it just requires that I stay the course. It’s a matter of me being patient, diligent, and disciplined. I feel like I’m capable of doing so much, and I just have to not get ahead of myself and let things unfold the way they have been. The more work I do on myself, the more my confidence grows; the more my self-trust grows; the more I feel like I’m enough.

Today was just a day of doing work around the house and as I sat down to write, what came to mind was just appreciation for where I am in my life. I have love and share life with an amazing person. My mom is healthy and doing well. And I’m coming into my full self more and more each day. Ideas are abundant, and motivation is high. I’m so thankful because I was far away from this feeling and this life just a short time ago.