Day 64: Blessed Road Traveled

So I had a chance to dive into my health and wellness coaching program today. It’s so exciting to see what I will be learning. I’ve been so interested in the human body, health, and nutrition for so long. And while I’ve studied many different subjects, this is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to learn this material in such an organized way. I’m super excited about the psychology part of the program also. Psychology is another field of study I’ve delved into to learn more about myself and humans in general. I’ve been through a life coaching program before, and I’m familiar with the basic concepts of coaching, but I can already tell this program will broaden my understanding. I had a moment while washing dishes when it occurred to me that I answered a few questions, made a video, wrote an essay, and got two letters of recommendation, and boom! A program that would have cost me ten thousand dollars is completely free.

In the past, anytime I’ve found certifications or degree programs I wanted to pursue, money always came up as an issue. I would get excited, then see the cost and slowly give up hope and the idea of going forward, but this time was different. Sure, they were one of few that actually offered scholarships, but I saw it and felt like the scholarship was how I would pay for it. I was really excited right up until I submitted all my documents. A couple of days after, I started questioning every word I wrote in the scholarship packet. I had to keep reminding myself what this was all about. I did my best on my application, that this just felt right and will work out; that ultimately, what’s for me is for me. And what do you know, a week later and here I am. I’m headed down the road I’ve been paving for myself—with the materials provided by The All of course.