Day 61: Stream of Consciousness

I talked about doing some stream of consciousness writing a few weeks back when I was overwhelmed by my emotions. I never did it because I felt better the next day. I think I’m going to do it here now. I don’t feel bad, and I’m not overwhelmed, but I don’t have much to share or say today.

It’s been two months, and I’m still tapping and meditating. I’m working out now, but I want to get back to my daily move. I was really enjoying the Qigong-inspired movements. They made me get into my body and feel grounded. I think I’ll start that again since I’m working out in the evenings now. I’ve also been thinking about doing my aerobic exercises or resistance bank workouts after tapping and meditation in the morning. I don’t know. I have so many things I want to do at once. I’m so anxious to get into the best shape of my life. I forgot how working out makes me feel. I really don’t want to go too crazy, but I’m ready to be able to exercise and not feel like I’m going to die. I do feel stronger, and I can see the changes in my body. I have to make sure I continue to build consistently and intentionally. I don’t want to get completely obsessed with working out and let my other practices take a back seat. I have to keep in mind that I am working on mind, body, and spirit healing. I want to be what I will eventually coach my clients to be.

I want to live wellness. I want to be physically fit, have a solid grasp of nutrition and food, and also have the knowledge and experience to share practices and approaches to develop and balance their spirituality. I want to make sure that I’ve done that for myself first. I can’t talk to anyone about holistic living and wellness and not live that lifestyle myself. In fact, I’m still waiting to hear back from the health and wellness program I applied to. Well, the one where I applied for a scholarship to be admitted into their program. It’s only been a week since I applied. I wish I had a timeline of when I could expect to hear back from them. Not surprisingly, Instagram showed me an ad for another health and wellness coaching program. I must admit, their mission was intriguing. It was also nice to see that the founder and the leadership were Black women from different disciplines and with all different kinds of expertise. But I won’t be impatient. If my initial choice doesn’t work out, I’ll explore the second program and see where that takes me. I don’t want to be in such a rush that I don’t allow things to unfold as they should. I also don’t want to be so single-minded that I miss the detour sign. I won’t worry too much about it. I’m just going to believe that The All knows my desires and knows the purposed path for my life, and as long as I’m sincere and committed, I’ll be led to the right opportunity.

I have decided that I’m going to start coaching again by tapping into the community from the first coaching program I did. It was a great program, but I was more general than I thought I needed. Even though I came up with a framework to specify my life coaching, I never felt like I could offer any sort of expertise to clients. I will be able to over some expertise to clients as a health and wellness coach. So I await a response or a pivot into t a new direction.

I really could go on, but it’s getting late.