Day 60: Still Experimenting

I’m starting the blood type diet soon. I just have to go buy the foods most beneficial to my blood type per the book. After reading about Dr. D’Adamo’s book and what he outlines as the results of not eating according to my blood type, I couldn’t help but admit everything he said I have been experiencing. The book even mentions that people with my blood type have to engage in “vigorous and high-intensity exercise.” He says this is just one way to counter my body’s inability to handle a lot of stress. The majority of foods in my diet for the past fifteen years are on the foods to avoid list. It has been jarring to think that I’ve been eating everything that I shouldn’t is wild. Even wilder is his persistence that my blood type needs to eat meat. Fortunately, it does specify that I must eat clean and lean meats—no store-bought meat. The only red meat I’m even considering eating at this point is lamb. I will have to find pasture-raised lamb, or else I won’t be eating that. Right now, fish is the only “meat” on the menu. Finding wild-caught fish appears to be much easier at this point. After hearing so much about the toxic chemical found in plants that actually harm, it was nice to see a robust list of vegetables I can eat. Unfortunately, it appears that brussels sprouts can disrupt my microbiome and my thyroid function. I don’t know if that’s actually the case for me, but I have been eating brussels sprouts almost daily for the past seven years, and I currently have some thyroid dysfunction. So, they may have to be set aside for the time being.

I’ve heard so many discredit the blood type diet or even the idea that blood type has anything to do with blood type. I’m willing to give it a try. It makes logical sense to me simply because we are all different, and it seems reasonable to think that nutrition would be personal to each person. I don’t know if blood type is how to determine how it’s personalized, but I will soon find out. It’s certainly the only way of eating that has spoken directly and accurately to what I’ve experienced and what I am still experiencing. Since stress is such a huge part of autoimmune conditions, I am looking forward to continuing my exercise routine and pushing myself even harder to better manage how my body handles stress. I realize how important it is to my healing. I made a list of all of the beneficial foods and will eat only those foods for sixty days or so and note the results.