Seeing All Sides

A few weeks ago I learned the difference between duality and polarity. This morning in meditation the concepts came up. When I re-purposed the term ‘Growing Upstream’ I coined back in 2011 I started to think that the idea of going “against” something wasn’t exactly in line with the idea of growth. It made me think of resistance, even though the word ‘upstream’ has a much broader meaning. My thought and the eventual question was this, ‘when you go with the flow of life you often end up as close to a true representation of yourself as ever. But doesn’t that sort of go against the idea of growing upstream?’

This morning it became clear that, no, it doesn’t go against that idea. It actually compliments “going with the flow.” Here’s what I mean. Duality causes you to see only one side of thing at a time. It also gives the illusion that the second side of that thing either does not exist or that it’s an opposite and therefore is an enemy. Except for that dual way of seeing things is just the mind judging, making distinctions between things in order to understand the world. The only problem is when doing this we can only give precedence to one or the other. Polarity, on the other hand, is a universal truth that includes the full spectrum of things without a human coming along and saying “blue is bad and yellow is good.” The energy that these colors emit is just that: energy. Energy forces that all work together and balance each other.

This brings me back to the idea of growing upstream and going with the flow. Since we exist in a universe that has a spectrum of energy, there is both a need for to stay attuned to our own vibrational frequency and not allow the vibrational frequency of others change or mutate our own. So all of us can both grow upstream on the macro level but go with the flow on the micro level. In other words, be you in all the ways you manifest in your growth and at the same time don’t flow with the stream if it means you having to be anyone else.

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