When There Is a Lie In There

Have you ever witness a demolition? I haven’t. I’ve seen them on TV though. It is a magnificent sight. A finality that gives you an opportunity to digest it in real time. The collapse seems devastating. All the effort that went into designing, building and maintaining the structure. All of the events, experiences, and memories associated with it. Then someone intentionally gives the go ahead to tear it all down. Because someone for some reason decided the building must come down in order for something else to occupy that space. Likely something that will render more value. Someone is convinced of that and so the building will be no more. Forever. That is how I feel this morning. There feels to be a demolition taking place when yesterday I felt more like a renovation was going on inside. I am the building that has stood for quite awhile. I guess a call to tear it all down came overnight and I was informed this morning during meditation when it became clear there is a lie inside. Truth the wrecking ball. Me the structure that is collapsing…fast.

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