The Power to Protect and Prevent: When Self is All You Have

Imagine this: you’re 20 years old, and you start to notice that your health is deteriorating right before your eyes. You don’t feel as great as you used to, you don’t sleep as well as you once did, and maybe things hurt now that didn’t hurt before, but you don’t suspect there’s anything serious going on. You figure you need to lay off the coffee, go to bed earlier, drink more water, and get back in the gym. So you start to do all or at least some of those things, but your health seems only to be getting worse.

What would you do? Would you submit to your fate or would you do everything you can to figure out what’s wrong? Most of us would rush to see our doctor. But what happens when the doctor doesn’t have the solution?

Patrick Coleman, trainer and founder of P3 Lotus Living answered this question for me. Why would a trainer and entrepreneur have the answer? It’s because he’s lived this story–confused about his deteriorating health as a seemly healthy 20-year-old college soccer player.

“I started having outbreaks of aggressive behavior. My emotions and psychology was changing. My body was changing. I couldn’t even run a mile as a soccer player,” Patrick told me.

Before Patrick was an athlete, trainer, or entrepreneur, he was a normal young boy doing ordinary things in his home country of rural Jamaica. In some ways, doing things not much different from anyone living in any U.S. city or town across America, but in other ways, vastly different too. While he was picking and eating food off trees, a kid in America was probably eating burgers and fries. While he wasn’t exposed to television until he was eight years old, another American kid was likely watching cartoons on Nickelodeon or playing video games. And while he was out playing and connecting to nature with a soccer ball at his foot, the same American kid was finding his way around dirt-patched football fields and concrete basketball courts. It’s no wonder then that when he moved to the U.S. at sixteen, he found the adjustment challenging to navigate. Soon he became the teenager who ate burgers and fries, watching television more than he ever, and molding to the concrete jungle of New York City.

As one might assume, there is difficulty moving to a new country and suddenly living a different lifestyle. What we might not consider though, are the effects such a transition might have on your health. Imagine the stress, fear associated with being in a new environment, the change in diet, and the change in the pace of lifestyle after landing in a place like New York City. By the time Patrick left New York City to attend college at Central Connecticut State University on a soccer scholarship, he was well on his way to failing health. It all caught up to him in his junior year.

“I started having outbreaks of aggressive behavior. My emotions and psychology was changing. My body was changing. I couldn’t even run a mile as a soccer player,” Patrick told me.

As he spoke, he returned to that period saying, “At this point, I can’t focus. Can’t go to class. Weight is fluctuating; hair is falling out, skin is changing. I’m developing lumps in my throat; my eyes are starting to bulge; my eyes are swelling. Being in public places is making me feel nauseous. I can’t get out of bed. I’m getting more depressed. It was like living in hell.”

Like any of us experiencing these kinds of symptoms, Patrick went to see a doctor at the urging of his girlfriend. Sure he would finally get some answers, all he received as a diagnosis was, “you’re just getting older.” Doctors told him this over and again. He suffered for five years.

“look, I need you to be my technician. I need you to give me the highest dosage of iodine without causing my body to go into a hypo state.”

Finally, determined to finally get answers, Patrick went to the UConn Medical Center and refused to leave until they figured out what was wrong with him. After many tests, the doctor diagnosed Patrick with Graves disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism. He asked his doctor what the cause of his sickness was. The doctor told him, “I don’t know.” While Patrick got one question answered, the doctor left him with yet another.

After years of suffering, hating to look at himself in the mirror, dropping out of college, and intentionally trying to get himself killed, Patrick knew what his condition was but not what caused it. As often is the case, doctors gave him options to address his sickness but none to treat the underlying cause. They could 1) make an incision into his throat and take out his thyroid glands, 2) cut out pieces of his thyroid, 3) or start iodine therapy. The latter option came with many adverse side effects, would destroy his thyroid producing hormones, and would throw his body into a hypothyroid state where he would have to be on medication for the rest of his life. Patrick declined all three options.

Instead, he returned to the vast amount of research he had done over the past several years, even back to when he was a biology major in college. Patrick decided that he was going to get to the bottom of his condition. Sort of like something you would see in a movie, after compiling his research, he marched back in to see the head of the Endocrine Department at the UConn Medical Center and told him, “look, I need you to be my technician. I need you to give me the highest dosage of iodine without causing my body to go into a hypo state.” He told the doctor, “my research tells me that the cause of my condition is stress.” As to be expected, the doctor thought he was crazy and stressed to him that there was no research to support that. After much lobbying, he convinced the head of the Endocrine Department to give him the iodine treatment as he requested.

Along with his research, Patrick drew correlations between his lifestyle in Jamaica and his lifestyle in the U.S. He recognized that going from living in Jamaica with his grandmother to living with his mother in New York City caused him significant emotional and psychological stress. He realized the stress manifested as anger. He went from eating natural and alkaline foods to eating processed foods like pizza, pancakes, pasta, and grapes and melons without seeds. He went from a slow-paced life to a fast-paced lifestyle with many demands on his mind, body, and also his time. He realized that the combination of his unresolved emotions, high-stress lifestyle, and mineral-deficient diet that had depleted his body of the nutrients it needed, was responsible for the deterioration of his health. When Patrick came to that conclusion, he knew that if he began to feed his body mineral-rich food again and deal with his emotions and stress, he could reverse the conditions in his body that allowed his sickness to manifest in the first place. He realized he could heal himself. And he did just that.

“Everything in life has a vibrational speed (frequency). The frequency of the healthy human body is between 62-78 megahertz. There are foods that help us calibrate at lower or higher levels.”

Through some trial and error, he discovered that the best thing to take for hyperthyroidism is sea moss. He learned that sea moss contains ninety-nine minerals, many of which our American diet and his own was devoid.

“After taking sea moss, I never had to take another drug in my life. My thyroid level became normal. I went in to take test after test, and they all came back normal. I haven’t had to go back [to see a doctor] since,” Patrick told me.

In fact, he discovered that because the Western society diet is so sugar dominant, the body is unable to tolerate the overabundance of sugar that was in the pizza, pancakes, and pasta he had been eating. The body’s natural reaction to so much sugar produces Candida (fungal infection), which he learned also makes the body is susceptible to yeast infections in women, thrush, excess inflammation, cancers, autoimmune diseases caused by fungus–and the waste that comes from the waste that can eventually filter into the bloodstream–along with other known diseases.

Patrick explains it this way: “Everything in life has a vibrational speed (frequency). The frequency of the healthy human body is between 62-78 megahertz. There are foods that help us calibrate at lower or higher levels.” In other words, herbs, organic fruits, and vegetables calibrate at higher levels, while processed foods like burgers, fries, and pizza calibrate at lower levels.

Now, many years later, Patrick is the founder of P3 Lotus Living and creator of health products that give people the power to protect and prevent diseases by using herbs, roots, and seeds high in mineral content to help increase the body’s vibrational speed. Patrick tells his customers and those interested in preventing or eliminating the cause of disease “get your body at a higher frequency (alkaline) so that lower vibrating organisms can’t take over your body.”

What Patrick learned on his journey to health, and what he was adamant that I understand, was that he learned that the way to keep his body in a condition that doesn’t allow disease to manifest was to consume wild foods high in minerals (carbon, iron, sulfur, magnesium, etc.). These wild food protect the body from dropping to a frequency that allows Candida, viruses, bacteria, parasites, inflammation, and fungi to thrive. He stopped eating foods with no mineral content.

He calls meditation “medicine for the mind.” Patrick says, “all the emotional crisis we have stems from [our] thinking–past or future–in the mind.”

And when it came to his emotional and psychological healing, he found that at the root of his anger was fear, which most notably arose after his move to the U.S. He attributes his fear to not being nurtured by his grandmother or his mother and as a result having many suppressed emotions. The result was that he found himself reacting to people around him with anger and acts of aggression. He says that his longstanding fear and stress ultimately created oxidated stress in his body. In other words, his fear caused the release of excess cortisol–the stress hormone–into his bloodstream and produced a prolonged fight or flight response in his body. Imagine the stress you would be under if you looked up and saw a pit bull running full speed straight for you. Now imagine the damage that stress could do to your body if it remained in that state of fear for years. In Patrick’s case, his typical response was to fight, his anger and aggression. But for him to experience complete healing, one of the practices he incorporated into his life was meditation. He calls meditation “medicine for the mind.” Patrick says, “all the emotional crisis we have stems from [our] thinking–past or future–in the mind.” He came to understand that his emotions were also tied to his mind–his thoughts and judgments. It was his practice of meditation that helped him to “create the space” necessary for healing as he gained more awareness of the nature of his emotions and how they were both harming his physical body and preventing him from reaching the vibrational frequency “to start becoming who [he] was really supposed to be.”  

After several hours almost as if Patrick was speaking out of a stream of consciousness, he said, “many times we are not able to find the meaning of [our] life because we don’t have the energy. If we’re under stress and lacking energy, we’re blocked from our creative force because we are in fight or flight mode. When in this mode we can’t be creative because all of our energy is put toward the basic parts of life. It’s not put toward your creativity nor does it help you to be more relational, gentle, and patient toward others. If you don’t have the energy to fully be yourself then you’re being someone else. How can you have well being to be who you’re supposed to be if you’re not being yourself?”

This question is obviously rhetorical, but what it made clear was that during Patrick’s most challenging circumstances, that version of Patrick represented was necessary to catalyze what he calls “the upgrade.” A common theme amongst people who have endured tragedy, hardship, or some life-altering experience, is that they often find purpose and meaning for their lives as a result. Patrick told me, “what brought meaning [to my life] was me healing myself.” His health crisis set the stage for one of the most significant “upgrades” of his life. He accurately diagnosed himself, healed himself when doctors couldn’t and went on to create a line of health products to help others to do not only the same but also to protect themselves from the underlying causes of disease.

Noticing that Patrick was drawing a connection between “upgrading” and “space,” I asked him to explain what these two terms mean regarding healing and how others should understand the process.

“Our detox products help to create the space so that you can upload our high mineral antioxidant foods to increase the calibration of every living cell in your body. While you increase every living cell in your body, that will give you more energy to look inside of you to find the meaning of life.”

“Every situation causes us to stimulate and upgrade. That upgrade can only take place if the frequency is right. [And] the only thing that helps us to upgrade is the life force.“ He went on to explain that only “if the influences that are coming in from the food is correct, love is expressed, [and] the space is there [to be] accessed through meditation, the medicine for the mind” can a person experience true healing and find meaning for their individual lives.  

“Improve your own frequency through your emotional [healing] and your food to create the space needed for that life and the meaning of [your] life finds you. Once you start vibrating on [an elevated] frequency, everything is on a certain wavelength, and you start to meet other people on that wavelength that will help guide you in the direction that your life should go.”

Patrick started P3 Lotus Living for these very reasons. They aid in the process that he went through and the one his customers are walking through today using his products.

Patrick left me with this: “Our detox products help to create the space so that you can upload our high mineral antioxidant foods to increase the calibration of every living cell in your body. While you increase every living cell in your body, that will give you more energy to look inside of you to find the meaning of life.”

We often think of the physical body alone when considering wellness or healing. What Patrick makes clear though, is that by addressing the root cause of disease with his products, instead of just the symptoms, the healing is meant to be long-term and help create the space for his customers to experience holistic healing, just as he did.

I asked Patrick to share five alkaline/electrical foods or herbs that anyone who is experiencing health challenges could pick up and start consuming right away to help create the space needed to heal and clarify their purpose. Here are his recommendations:

  • Dark green leafy vegetables
  • Sea Moss
  • Moringa
  • Sour Sap Leaf
  • Black Seed Oil

If you want an easy way to get these foods and herbs, P3 Lotus Living makes each of them and many others available in their powerful proprietary formulas at their P3 shopify store. For anyone that lives in the Atlanta Metro Area, you can find P3 Lotus Living products at the locations below.

Juice Head
2591 Piedmont Road Northeast Suite 1110
Atlanta, GA 30324

Hadiyah Wellness Center
1830 Waterplace SE Unit 295
Marietta, GA 30067

Z-Chiro Med Spa
2202 Salem Road
Conyers, GA 30013

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